Water Damage

At Total Services Restoration we are proud to offer a complete range of disaster repair and restoration services that are designed to handle even the largest cases of water or mold damage. These services include water removal, the drying out of all affected surfaces, as well as mold removal, remediation, and restoration of the damage to your home or business. Our water removal techniques utilize the latest state of the art equipment which allows us to get all of the water out of your property and preventing potentially serious long term complications.

Water, mold, or the combination of water and mold, are more than enough to cause major damage to your property, and as a result, professional cleaning and restoration are always recommended. Your home is the single largest purchase that you will make, and you cannot afford to entrust that investment to unqualified service providers.

It is important to act rapidly to remediate the effects of water damage, but it is also important to not act impulsively. Doing so almost always ends up leaving behind substandard work and additional headaches. By hiring the professionals at Total Services Restoration, you are retaining a team of experienced service providers that are trained and certified in all phases of the repair and restoration process. This means we can deliver a quality job done right the first time.

Total Services Restoration is the premiere authority on all things related to water damage repair and restoration, as well as mold remediation and property reconstruction. The damage caused by water or flooding can add an emotional toll to the physical damage that was already inflicted. We take proper care of your home or business, cleaning up the water or mold, repairing all of the damage, and returning your home to its original, pre-loss condition. We are a full service company, and able to handle every phase of the project from beginning to end. You and your family can have your life back, and Total Services Restoration is there to make it happen for you.

The most important aspect of solving any water damage problem is locating the source of the water. Removing the water does no good if the leak still exists. It is important to locate the source of the water and shut it off, repair, it, or block it. Even small leaks are more than enough to cause great damage if left unattended for too long. At Total Services Restoration, our mission is to correct the water damage problem on and around your property, removing the water, drying everything out, and returning the property to the same condition it was in before all of the trouble started in the first place.

Whether you are experiencing large scale floods or minor leaks, the threat of water damage is never something that should be taken lightly. In some cases, something as simple as higher than normal humidity levels are more than enough to cause serious problems within your home. In the less severe cases, the proper placement of dehumidifiers may be enough to solve the problem. Whether it is a flash flood or an overflowing sink or tub, the basics of water damage restoration are basically the same, the removal of the excess water and the drying of the affected area.

Armed with more than three decades of combined experience, Total Services Restoration is the leading authority in the state of Georgia when it comes to damage from water, fire, mold and other related problems. All of our technicians are thoroughly trained and IICRC certified in every aspect of the restoration industry; this ensures the fastest and most thorough restoration job you can ask for. We will get all of the excess water out, eliminate damage from fire, smoke, or mold, then repair the damage, dry out all surfaces, and restore your home or business to its pre-loss condition. You and your family can be assured of a first rate job, done right, the first time! We service the entire metro Atlanta area, from Lawrenceville and Marietta to Stockbridge and College Park, and you can reach our office any time day or night at (770) 865- 2390.