They were great. I did not expect them to come so quickly and I certainly did not expect them to start right away. I’m so grateful that they did because there was a lot of water damage in my home. Chris was wonderful and I am completely satisfied with the job he did. I will gladly recommend you guys to anyone in need of your services. Thanks !!

Rachel Jones

You can only imagine my dismay when I discovered several inches of water in my basement and realized there was no way I could remove it on my own. I am very glad that I chose Total Services Restoration to deal with the aftermath. The service was nothing short of stellar. The technicians were professional, courteous, and considerate. They explained every part of the process in layman’s terms and always communicated with me in a timely manner. Furthermore, their experience and knowledge were superior. It really doesn’t get any better than that, in my opinion. I have dealt with many companies and related service calls throughout the years, and I wanted you to know that I appreciate the way you do business. You’re the best!

Veronda Carter

Our basement flooded with 18 inches of standing water — all from a busted sump pump, that the plumbing company said “simply stopped working.” We had no flood insurance for this type of flooding. Needless to say, it was a nightmare. The plumbers initially recommended Total Services Restoration, who came out immediately to assess the situation. After the water was all pumped out, they volunteered to leave drying equipment downstairs to stabilize the environment, for no charge, even though we indicated we would be shopping around for different estimates. In the end, out of the 3 companies who gave us estimates, Total Services Restoration had the lowest rate and offered all the same accommodations as the other companies. We were also impressed by the level of service they provided, even before we were officially a client. Shanker and his team worked hard to do the job as quickly as possible. We had a fully functioning kitchen downstairs, cabinets and all, and his team removed all the damaged materials, plus walls and doors, down to the studs, in less than 3 days. They were detailed in asking which items should be salvaged and which ones should be dumped. His team responded to all my requests, big and small – even helping to clean out a flooded refrigerator. Even though the flooding experience was terrible, I’m confident we made the right choice to have Total Services Restoration help us restore the basement. I highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you!

Tiffany and Anthony Davis

Thank you for your patience with us and this project. Chris you have been exceptional and my family and I are very appreciative. With all of us being out of state this last visit to see the completion has been more difficult than we thought. I have contacted 3 local realtors and am waiting for confirmation that they can see the house today or tomorrow. That being said I will certainly have the above line costs sent to your account by tomorrow. As soon as the first realtor commits to a time I will let Chris know so that if he is able he can be there. Once that is done I am confident enough in her opinion that I can sign off on the work and get the insurance check processed and to you. Again thank you for your patience and help through all of this. Chris has been professional and thorough and we could not have asked for a better experience! I will do everything I can to get this account paid completely and closed out as soon possible. Thank you again for all of your help,

Jon F. Easton, Severn Division District Manager Republic National Distributing Company Jessup, Maryland