Many restoration service providers will take a lot of time promote their restoration services and all that is necessary to remove water or mold from your home, but fewer will go into the details regarding the amount of repair and reconstruction that may be required to return your property to its pre-loss condition. The idea is to make things as they were before the disaster, with no reminders or unfinished business left behind as a result. This can only be accomplished by providing top flight reconstruction services.

Water damage can trash a home to the max, even including the structural stability due to rotting supports and rusting metal components. More than one property has been condemned and torn down due to damage from mold, mildew, and other toxins. Drywall, flooring, and electrical systems may be severely damaged or even destroyed as a result of water and mold, and it doesn’t take a whole lot for that damage to occur. As little as one inch of standing water is enough to spawn repair bills totaling in the thousands.

The service technicians at {{company.companyName }} will properly evaluate your overall level of water damage and draft the proper course of action for handling it most efficiently. This includes more than just the removal of the water and drying out of all affected surfaces, but also inspecting the damage that was left behind and providing any and all needed repairs and restoration that those areas may require. We also provide detailed estimates describing the process that will be performed to completely repair the damage and fully restore your home.

The repairs and reconstruction that may be required in the wake of any water or mold disaster are numerous. Carpets may need to be torn up and replaced, especially if they have been submerged for longer than 72 hours. Drywall and flooring may need to be partially or completely replaced. In some of the more severe cases, a home may require massive repair and reconstruction work in order to be fully salvaged. Our team of service technicians are fully up to date on all local building codes and ordinances, which means a quality job, done right, the first time through. The obvious benefit is that you will be able to move back into your home as soon as possible, resuming your life without having to deal with leftover damage or lingering aftereffects of water damage or mold.

When it comes to any type of reconstruction project, it is important to be wary of unqualified or fly by night operators, many of which will provide subpar work at best, and take your money and run at worst. At {{company.companyName }}, our technicians are all IICRC trained and certified in every aspect of the restoration industry; this means we have committed the time, energy, and resources to be able to provide the best quality home reconstruction service in the entire service area. If the work is covered by homeowners insurance , then let us do all the legwork for you. You have enough headaches and stress to deal with, so let us handle the red tape and other details. Throw in the industry’s most comprehensive guarantee and you can rest assured that your home or business is in the best possible hands.

Armed with more than three decades of combined experience, Total Services Restoration is the leading authority in the state of Georgia when it comes to damage from water, fire, mold and other related problems. All of our technicians are thoroughly trained and IICRC certified in every aspect of the restoration industry; this ensures the fastest and most thorough restoration job you can ask for. We will get all of the excess water out, eliminate damage from fire, smoke, or mold, then repair the damage, dry out all surfaces, and restore your home or business to its pre-loss condition. You and your family can be assured of a first rate job, done right, the first time! We service the entire metro Atlanta area, from Lawrenceville and Marietta to Stockbridge and College Park, and you can reach our office any time day or night at (770) 865- 2390.